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Comprehensive Machine Shop & Repair Services

Spray Dryers

At Surplus Machinery, we offer turn key service. When you purchase a spray dryer from us, set up of machinery and training for your team is always included.

Machine Repairs

Our skilled team in South Plainfield, NJ provides fast and reliable machinery repairs to keep your equipment and operations running smoothly.

Rebuilt Machines

Crafted with expertise, Surplus Machinery specializes in rebuilding machineries such as mixers, blenders, homogenizers, hammer mills, and more!

Surplus Parts

We can supply surplus parts for:
Niro Bowen Spray Dryers Model BB-6, BB-5, AA-6.
Anhydro – special price on all makes and models.
Buchi B-290 Spray Dryers – from one lb. up to 7,000 lbs evaporation!

Do Not Go Back to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)!

If you do go back, fasten your seat belt for a bumpy ride.

Surplus Machinery OEMs
Delivery Speed?
✔️ Fast delivery
Long delivery
✔️Reasonable prices
Prices through the roof
Who am I working with?
✔️Local crew working in the plant
Skeleton crew, working from home

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